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Hotel management

The SAS TRUST COMPANY supports hotel and catering trade enterprises with high specialized knowledge and practice-oriented experiences during the conversion and optimization of its extensive and various tasks. The constant reciprocal effects of the economic surrounding field as well as the fast changing markets and requirements of the target groups confronted many Hoteliers and gastronomes with new, difficult challenges. Allocation decreases, low room rates due to missing marketing & sales activities and market analyses as well as a missing or not optimized cost management may bring a successful hotel from once fast into an inclination.

In this case a partner is in demand, which uses its experience  like you would do it for your enterprise - engages, professionally, in line with standard usage and cost-consciously, but with the necessary love for the detail. Thus you can concentrate on the substantial - your guests!

Your enterprise is something special. We pay attention to it and your ideas to convert the self-sufficiency and however position characteristics (USP) of your house to emphasize and underline. Our know-how and the use of synergies are thereby guarantor for load-carrying solutions, which will find a suitable answer to each challenge; from the management throughout controlling, coworker natures, administration and purchase up to the personal consultation and your own marketing organization.


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